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Click here to view the letter sent by the PSA General Secretary to the Minister and Treasurer, Mike Baird, that he referred to in his media release where he agreed to withdraw the Conditions Award application from the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

Public sector work conditions saved - NSW Government backs down

In a major first round victory for the PSA, the NSW Government has decided to withdraw its application for a new, downgraded Conditions of Employment Award and their intention to slash the hard won conditions in up to one hundred other public sector awards.

The Government's move follows the strong opposition to the conditions cuts that were demonstrated by members at the state-wide meetings on 8 October.

The demand that the Government withdraw its conditions application was the top of the list of concerns in the resolution passed by members at the stop work meetings on 8 October.

Had the Government not withdrawn its application today, conditions such as sick leave, leave loading, parental leave and family and community service leave would be cut or overhauled.

Last year's High Court decision found that the Government's 2.5 percent wage cap on public sector workers' salaries was legal.

However, nothing can change the fact that this is bad law.

The PSA will continue to campaign to fight the wages legislation and have this law repealed .

With the conditions issue dispensed with, the PSA will now continue to fight against the public sector job cuts and demand that the NSW Government unveils its overarching plan and rationale for these cuts which are having an enormous negative impact.

Today members should be proud of the action they have taken and the determination they have shown in defending their conditions.

Listen to the 702 ABC Sydney Mornings Interview with Anne Gardiner Re: Conditions

Other News: PSA General Secretary, Anne Gardiner, Defends Correctional Officers on 2GB.

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Post Election Report for: CPSU SPSF NSW Branch -

A copy of the report is available upon request. Please contact Sandra Lockey on 9220 0982.


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SCU - more generous banking - our recommended credit union


Join the SCU (credit union) and enjoy special banking discounts for PSA/CPSU members. See the discounts available to members (as from 21/10/2012).

13 61 91 or or browse the SCU website

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