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PSA/CPSU Membership Application and Switch to Direct Debit forms

The PSA/CPSU application and switch forms include the terms and conditions of membership and direct payment.

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If you prefer larger typefaces and larger writing spaces, read the information below and print out the application form and your preferred method of payment form.

Other forms that can be filled out while joining

PSA/CPSU Relationship

New members are join both the PSA (Public Service Association of NSW), which is registered under NSW industrial law, and the CPSU (Community & Public Sector Union), which is registered under Commonwealth industrial law.

You pay fees to the PSA, and then the PSA pays affiliation fees to the CPSU, i.e. you only pay one fee. You get two unions for the price of one.

PSA Fees November 2011 -

PSA fees are set by the PSA Central Council in accordance with PSA rules. The adjustments are generally in line with public service pay adjustments. Adjustments occur when public service salary rates change.

PSA fees from August 2012:

4 weekly
More than $51,460$25.80$51.60$55.95$167.80$671.20
$36,230-$51, 460$19.90$39.80$43.05$120.05$516.15
Less than $9,057$6.40$12.80$13.85$41.60$166.30
Leave without pay
(LWOP of more than 3 months must be notified.)
Retrenched officers$31.00
Retrenched Officers with Provident Fund$36.75

PSA fees are tax deductible.

Fees are adjusted in line with public sector pay rises.

Members who pay by bank debit may pay fortnightly or 4-weekly. Such payers should consider any bank fees that may apply when considering their frequency of payment.

Members who pay by Auto or Recurrent Periodic Payment via Credit Card pay monthly. PSA processes the dues on the 7th of each month.

Automatic Payment Service Agreement

We the Public Service Association of NSW agree to the following commitments to you:

The PSA will debit/charge your membership fees as they fall due. However if this day falls on a non-business day, they will be debited/charged on the next business day.

The PSA will only use this authority to debit/charge regular fees. If you miss a payment it will be picked up in the following period, i.e. two instalments will be taken out.

Resignation from the PSA is in the section "Manner of Resignation from the PSA & CPSU". The PSA undertakes to cease debiting your account upon the termination of your three months notice.

The PSA will notify any changes to your union fees in "Red Tape".

The PSA will keep all information provided by you secure and confidential.

The PSA will investigate and deal promptly with any queries, claims or complaints regarding debits/charges and provide a response within 21 days of receipt.

Your Commitment to the PSA of NSW:

You will ensure that the account details on the Payment Authority form are identical to the account details held by your bank or financial institution.

You will ensure that you have sufficient funds or credit available in the nominated account on the due date for payment of your fees.

You will let us know in writing if the nominated account is altered, transferred or closed.

You will check with your bank or financial institution that the amounts debited/charged to your nominated account for your PSA fees are correct.

If the charging arrangements are stopped by you or your nominated bank or financial institution, you will arrange a suitable alternative payment method with the PSA.

Resignation from the PSA/CPSU will be notified by you as per the conditions in the section "Manner of Resignation from the PSA & CPSU". Repayments will not be made for late notifications.

Manner of resignation from PSA & CPSU

  1. A member may resign from membership of the PSA when:
    1. he/she I ceases to work in an area covered by the PSA; or
    2. by giving notice in writing of three months or more that he/she will resign from the PSA, such notice being delivered to the General Secretary of the PSA.
  2. The member is obliged to pay any dues owing to the PSA up to the date of effect of the resignation.
  3. Resignation from the PSA will, subject to confirmation, be taken as resignation from the CPSU.
  4. Resignation from the CPSU can be by notice in writing of two weeks or more, such notice being delivered to the NSW Branch Secretary of CPSU (SPSF Group).

Privacy Statement

Information collected in these applications is used for the purposes of the PSA and the CPSU only. When we use third parties to carry out union functions, e.g. mail-houses, electoral offices, candidates to union office, union delegates, etc, only the information which is necessary is released, and such information is released subject to the condition that it not be used for any other purpose. Information requested for payment of membership fees is provided only to the relevant financial institution or employer.

Each year members are posted a Membership Card, with which are membership details and a request for corrections. Any member may at any time arrange to see and correct their membership record.

Now print out and fill in the appropriate form, and a form covering your preferred method of fee payment. Click the form title at the bottom of the page to take to the next form.

Return completed forms to:
Membership Section
Public Service Association of NSW
GPO Box 3365
Sydney NSW 2001

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