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PSA/CPSU News broadcast on 12 October

12 October 2012

The recording of Monday's Stop Work meeting is now available - it's at

Thanks to everyone who attended the meetings or stopped work on Monday (8 October). We had an overwhelming response. Most venues overflowed and support for a continuing campaign against the O'Farrell Government's cuts to jobs and services was very strong.

Members who had problems with their venue and those who did not attend a meeting can see a video recording on their computers. The video link is

Note: You may not be able access this address on your work computer. If that is so, send it to your home address or check if some other section at work has a computer with access.

Monday's resolution

The resolution step up the campaign says:
That this meeting of PSA members condemns the cuts to jobs and conditions of employment imposed and proposed by the O'Farrell Government.

This meeting calls on the NSW Government to:

  • Withdraw its application for a new and diminished Crown Employees Conditions Award in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission;
  • Halt job cuts in the NSW Public Sector;
  • Restore the "no forced redundancies" policy;
  • Restore the power of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission to award fair wage rises without the artificial imposition of a 2.5 percent cap;
  • Repeal the most recent Workers Compensation legislation which cuts benefits to injured workers.
This meeting determines to conduct an ongoing political and industrial campaign in support of the above objectives.

Your recommendations

An important part of the planning of the ongoing campaign will be your feedback on actions which members in your agency or the union as a whole can take.

Suggestions can be made directly to the PSA (to or better still by taking your ideas to a workplace meeting, debating and refining them, and then passing them on to your organiser or direct to General Secretary John Cahill (i.e.

Problems on Monday

Most of Monday's webcast worked really well. However there were some venues where the equipment didn't perform as expected. For that we apologise.

We will be reviewing all aspects of the broadcast and meetings to minimise the glitches and venue failures we had on Monday.

This is the first time we have done a webcast and the first time we have broadcast live from a meeting. It was big job and it went well.

Our main problems were at a few venues where some of the equipment was not up to the job. We aim to find out what can be done to avoid that in future. Webcasting has a lot of potential but we need a better understanding of the many technologies in the venues to make it work really well.

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Les Carr
Ph:  02 9220 0900

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