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Rangers see red over introduction of cattle grazing in national parks

15 November 2012

NSW’s national park rangers fear the supervision of destructive, additional activities such as cattle grazing and recreational hunting in national parks will form no small part of managing national parks – stretching resources.

The state's park rangers are fed up with the O'Farrell Government playing politics with the state's national parks and reject the introduction of cattle grazing in these precious natural areas, according to the NSW Public Service Association.

"The cattle grazing trial is an ill-disguised foothold for more widespread cattle grazing across the state," PSA Assistant Secretary Steve Turner said today.

"It will run down natural values and generate further excuses for 'volunteer' help from vested interests rather than proper resources for professional staff to get on with their job.

"The Government has reduced National Parks staff numbers, made staff responsible for supervising hunters in national parks without additional personnel or budget, and is now pushing workloads further by adding responsibility for overseeing the introduction of inappropriate cattle grazing.

"We have some of the best park staff in the country, but regardless of their goodwill something has got to give.

"Park rangers have expressed concern that the Government's job cutbacks and the supervision of hunting in national parks will divert them from essential work commitments, including nature conservation, pest and weed management and ensuring the safety of park users.

"The O'Farrell Government has gone too far in compromising our national parks for political deal making and the exploitation of a few vested interest groups.

"We need less bull dust from the Premier and no less than an immediate end to cattle grazing, recreational shooting and other high-impact activities in our parks," Mr Turner said.

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