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Digital Education Revolution Funding Fight Resolved

18 February 2013

580 Digital Education Revolution staff were caught between a State and Federal Government funding dispute.
On Wednesday afternoon the Deputy Director General of Schools sent an email out to staff stating that if the funding issue wasn't resolved the temporary employment contracts for Technology Support Officers would end in March 2013.
By Thursday morning the Deputy Director General was retracting his statement as over $20 million of Digital Education Revolution National Partnership funding would be paid on 7 March ensuring the Laptops for Learning program will continue through 2013.
PSA members are happy to see the issue resolved but are less than pleased with the Departments careless communication and blatant scare tactics. A Technology Support Officer said that they were tired of being treated like a political football.
This is not the first time their positions have been threatened in the political arena, in the 2010 federal election the Coalition had committed to ending the program.
Since coming into schools in 2009 Technology Support Officers have made a valuable contribution, working well and truly beyond the original scope of their position in supporting NSW public schools.
It also highlights the ongoing job security issue that many NSW Government temporary employees face.
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