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PSA Annual Conference 2013

25 February 2013

Wednesday 29 May, Thursday 30 May & Friday 31 May

Level 10, PSA House

PSA Annual Conference is the largest gathering of PSA delegates and an advisory body to Central Council.

Workplace groups, Departmental Committees and other advisory bodies are encouraged to submit resolutions to Annual Conference, and workplaces to call meetings to elect delegates, by the deadlines below. Places for delegates are based on workplace groups or combined workplace groups. A list of constituencies and number of delegates per constituency can be viewed here.
Nomination Forms

Nomination for PSA Annual Conference Delegate 2013 and Alternative Delegate 2013

An election is held where there is more than one nomination per position. A postal ballot is held for the Western Areas Network. Nominations close with the PSA's Secretariat at COB Friday 19 April. Notices of motion or suggestions for discussion to be submitted to the General Secretary by Friday 19 April. Phone (02) 9220 0935 for a copy of the relevant form(s). Two days Special Leave is available to attend the Conference. Expense forms are sent to country delegates along with their confirmation of nomination.
Annual Conference 2013 constituencies

Workplace Group Constituencies List
These constituencies may be subject to minor changes. If you have any queries contact Lesley Twigger, one of the conference organisers, on 9220 0935 or
The numbers in brackets on the right are the number of delegates to which the constituency is entitled.
Election meetings be called, or in the case of the Western Areas, postal ballots be arranged, if the number of nominations exceeds the number of delegates required for a constituency. In all other cases delegates nominated will be declared elected unopposed.

To download the Annual Conference 2013 constituencies list and nomination forms please go to:

Contact Details
Lesley Twigger
Ph:  02 9220 0900

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