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School Learning Support Officer

Under the supervision and direction of a teacher a school learning support officer, in respect of students enrolled in special schools and classes, is responsible to the principal or the supervisor for:

  • providing assistance in school routines;
  • classroom activities; and
  • the care and management of students with disabilities and behaviour disorders.

A school learning support officer is required to assist teachers in school and community settings in:

  • the implementation of individual education programs and individual transition programs;
  • providing opportunities for students to develop personal, social, independent living and pre-vocational skills;
  • toileting and personal care needs of students at all age and dependency levels, to include washing, bathing, showering and changing;
  • washing of soiled items of clothing and nappies and in the disposal of used sanitary items;
  • direct food preparation and assisting students with eating and drinking;
  • the implementation of travel training programs;
  • the supervision of students on excursion, work experience and travel training programs;
  • supervision of students with severe and/or multiple, physical and/or intellectual disabilities which can involve;

  • frequent physical lifting, also involving changing students from one piece of equipment to another;
  • therapy or nursing type duties (which include duties carried out under the guidance of professional staff);
  • administering prescribed medication, keeping medication register;
  • minor maintenance of physical and or electronic equipment used by students;
  • organising the regular servicing of physical and or electronic equipment used by students;
  • serving as part of a transdisciplinary (educational/therapy) team in the development and implementation of individual educational programs;
  • communicating with students using an augmentative communication system most appropriate to the needs of students;
  • taking performance date during the implementation of individual educational programs.


  • Operating audio-visual aids, computers and other teaching equipment.
  • Recording school broadcasts and telecasts and maintaining a catalogue of records, cassettes, video-tapes and other audio-visual software.
  • Duplicating materials and photocopying.
  • Issuing learning materials from resource rooms.
  • Arranging furniture within classrooms where required.
  • Managing lost property and clothing pools.
  • Performing minor clerical duties.
  • Caring for sick students and, when in receipt of a first aid allowance, administering minor first aid.

Other Duties

  • Undertaking other related duties as determined by the principal or the supervisor.

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