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School Learning Support Officer (Ethnic)

Under the immediate supervision and direction of a teacher a school learning support officer (ethnic) is responsible to the principal or supervisor for:

  • providing assistance in school routines;
  • classroom activities; and
  • the care and management of students

The school must not require a school learning support officer (ethnic) to accept responsibility for class management and control, playground supervision or teaching students.

A school learning support officer (ethnic), because of his or her facility with a language or languages spoken within the community served by the school, is required to carry out the following range of duties:

  • communicating with parents;
  • providing opportunities for ethnic students to develop personal and social skills;
  • providing orientation for staff in relation to the ethnic community;
  • interpreting problems of ethnic students to teachers;
  • being a point of contact, within the school, for the local ethnic community; and
  • liaising with parents as required by the principal.


  • Operating audio-visual aids and other teaching equipment.
  • Recording school broadcasts and telecasts and maintaining a catalogue of records, cassettes, video-tapes and reel-to-reel tapes and other audio-visual software.
  • Duplicating materials.
  • Assembling and distributing lesson materials.
  • Issuing learning materials from resource rooms.
  • Arranging furniture with classrooms other than special or high schools.
  • Stocktaking.
  • Managing lost property and clothing pools.
  • Performing minor clerical duties such as those associated with assessment records

Teacher and Student Support

  • The implementation of learning programs, including physical education, sport and recreation activities and educational excursions.
  • "Settling in" new students.
  • Helping students with toilet, ablution and dressing needs.
  • Carrying out programs for the behavioural management of students.
  • Assembling and dismissing classes.
  • Caring for sick students and, where in receipt of a first aid allowance, administering minor first aid.

Other Duties

Undertaking other related duties as determined by the principal for the supervisor

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